Singapore Best in Education

According to the latest education quality rankings published by the BBC, Singapore has now their highest achieving primary and secondary students among international education institutions.

education1As for the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is ranking sixth and maths, which is the highest rank in Europe. The rank of England has not increased compared to the rankings from 2012.

The highest rankings when ut comes to education quality is still dominated by East Asian countries including Japan and South Korea which are leading among other Asian nations

The education quality test called Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is published every four years. The study, the performance of more than 600,000 pupils from 57 countries is examined.

For the school system in the United Kingdom, international petition has always been a major focus for change. Several experts have said there one of the U.K.’s most surprising feature, speaking about their ranking results from the previous year, is how little they have changed.

Ben Durbin from the National Foundation for Educational Research said that the period between 2011 and 2015 saw major changes including in the curriculum, teacher training and assessment.”One might have expected to see some impact from this changes”, he was quoted saying.

The top five ranks for secondary maths are

South Korea
Hong Kong

While England is still above average compared to other European countries didn’t make any progress in rankings during the recent years, despite attempts to overhaul the school system in the United Kingdom. In fact, England’s rank has gone down by one position from 9th to 10th for primary.

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